for high school seniors

Applications for 2024 are Closed

Loudoun First Responders Foundation Scholarship Guidelines

In 2024, the Foundation awarded 18 scholarships totaling $34,000.

Who Can Apply

Graduating seniors from a high school, home school, or secondary school inside or outside of Loudoun County and who are children of first responders who work for or are active volunteers for Loudoun County Combined Fire and Rescue Systems, Loudoun County Sheriff’s Department, any of the incorporated town police departments within Loudoun County, and Loudoun County Animal Services.

(“Active volunteer” is defined as those first responders who in the year preceding the year in which their child or children apply for a scholarship accumulated 80 or more “points” in the Loudoun County retirement system as a result of their volunteer service).

Please email [email protected] with any questions about the scholarship program.

Hello, my name is Nihal and I had the honor of being a LFRF Scholarship winner in 2020. Since winning the scholarship, I have had the privilege of becoming a student at the College of William and Mary, being accepted into the honor’s program, starting my own nonprofit organization (Collegiate Companions), volunteering at a local free clinic, joining an amazing chemistry research lab, working on the university’s Honor Council, and working the VCU Pauley Heart Center to develop cardiac risk models in patients with cancer.

It is through the support of groups such as LFRF that I have found success in my endeavors. I am confident I can speak on behalf of the other beneficiaries when I say thank you for everything you do. I will certainly never forget the generosity of the foundation and hope for the continued success of the foundation.

— Nihal Patel

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