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Loudoun First Responders Foundation (LFRF) has ONE mission; to provide immediate financial support for active Loudoun First Responders.

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Thousands of dollars in grants have been donated by the foundation providing support during financial hardships to public safety personnel and their families.

Post Secondary Education Scholarships are given every year to eligible children of First Responders and volunteer First Responder students. In these first 5 years over 50 scholarships have been awarded.


Loudoun First Responders Foundation (LFRF) is an all-volunteer organization, and it’s through our corporate partnerships that we are able to serve this deserving community. Partnership of the LFRF provides a valuable means of enhancing your company’s credibility, prestige and overall image by supporting an organization that gives back to our community. This marketing tool broadens your competitive edge while building new business partnerships.

LFRF statistics

Over 200 scholarships

Awarded to the children of First Responders and volunteer First Responders graduating from high school

24 Hours

Average time it takes First Responders to receive LFRF support funding


Volunteer-Run Charity


Of funding comes from fundraisers and partner donations

first responders in loudoun County, Virginia


Who We Serve


Has 582 sworn employees and 125 civilian employees (Authorized full-time for FY2017), making the agency the largest sheriff’s office in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Loudoun County Combined Fire Rescue System

Includes Loudoun County Fire and Rescue (career department) that operates alongside 16 volunteer fire-rescue companies in 19 stations across the County.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

Loudoun First Responders Foundation serves our county by providing immediate financial support to first responder personnel in their time of need.

To accomplish this mission, the LFRF will raise private donations and create and strengthen innovative partnerships between organizations, individuals and corporate neighbors in our community. Donations received may also be used to support educational needs of the sheriff, fire, rescue and police organizations in our community.

Get Involved

Without the generous support of our corporate and private partners we wouldn’t be able to support the First Responders in Loudoun. We need your help with donations now to continue with our mission.

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